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Comic Sans is prohibited by law in several countries, banned from most Operating Systems and publicly burned every year on the 5th of November, as a reminder that no one should use it.


Comic Sans MS have been successfully banned from books, schools, hospitals, town halls, offices, postage prints, bank accounts, identification cards, music sheets, websites, banana stickers, industrial numerotation, washing machines, cinema tickets, restaurant receipts, graffitis, statistics and mugs.

However, numerous Comic Sans MS prints still exist in the world

and we must continue our combined efforts to get rid of them all.

If you find such a print, or know where to find one, or know someone

who knows something, somehow, send an e-mail to:

If you know someone who is printing in Comic Sans MS, alert us immediately. If you are printing in Comic Sans MS yourself: We Will Find You.

Not sure if you are a Comis Sans Criminal? For more information, consult this website :

Message sent!

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